Saturday, October 20, 2007

One of those moments

This is Heir 2's third Homecoming weekend, but his first driving himself. I guess it makes it a milestone for us both (sniff -- I'm not crying.)

So I'm in the kitchen baking cinnamon raisin bread. He is in the backyard washing his car for The Big Night.

"Mom! Mom! Come quick! Bring the camera!"

"Did I angle it right? Will the rainbow come out?"

Later I'm in my office and again hear him yelling:

"Two things: My car looks sexy! And your bread smells awesome!"

I'm getting sappy in my old age.


Katrina said...

Doesn't he look sharp in that tie? I love that he saw a rainbow and thought "photo op!" What a handsome guy--you must be proud!

jagosaurus said...


Sisiggy said...

Katrina: Yeah, he's a true ex-reporter's son.

JAG: Yeah, he certainly thinks so.