Tuesday, October 09, 2007

And so it goes...

Many apologies for letting almost a month lapse, but Ms. Zsa Zsa has been sick. Scary sick.

While she's still not out of the woods, she is much better, thank you, and I'm no longer spending the day between her and the puppies, medicating, cleaning up and watching over.

The Puppy Formerly Known As Penny (last puppy on the left) has gone on to her new home in Maryland. I would have been as upset about it as I was when Sarge left if I hadn't seen the fuss her new owners were making over her. They arrived with several sizes of lambs wool lined dog crates, a snappy new collar (green to set off her red fur), and a huge basket of toys and treats. Her new name is 'Becca and last I heard she was dictating what she wanted to eat and when she wanted to eat it. Yeah. She hit the puppy lottery.

And now the puppies can run out in the yard unattended since now they are too big for a hawk or turkey vulture to swoop down and carry away. This means I no longer have to spend hours hosing down a run. But it also means when I go out the back door I am greeted by the entire pack who always hold out hope that I'm harboring Snausages or cheese.

I don't want you to think I've been neglecting the family in favor of the puppies. Things have settled into their usual autumnal rhythm, only this autumn I'm not driving Heir 2 back and forth to activities because HE HAS HIS OWN CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's been saving for this since he was 12 years old and required only minimal help from Dirtman and me.

Sadly, this also means that I have my car back and I now have no excuse to not come down off my little hill. If it were up to me, I'd have groceries and supplies air dropped so I never have to leave.

Heir 1? I think he lives here. There are dishes in the sink in the morning and all our leftovers disappear. Laundry appears in the washer, then the dryer and then disappears. There have been sightings and rumors. But I can't be sure. I'm pretty sure he lives here because every now and then someone calls and asks for him and when I put the message up on the dry erase board it mysteriously gets erased.


As for the last remaining unspoken for puppy?

You didn't actually thing Dirtman would let go of a puppy named Hokie that was born on his lap, did you?


Leslie Shelor said...

So glad that Zsa Zsa is going to be OK! Frightening! The puppies are darling, and I'm glad Hokie is staying! Looking forward to reading about his adventures on the hill!

mrhaney said...

isn't it great to have a whole bunch of puppies? i use to like to lay on the kitchen floor and have them try to lick me like i was their next meal. the thing is if you could keep them all with you till they grew up they would act the same and run up to you when ever the spotted you. i wish i could say the same for our children. very nice photos. glad to see your back.

Sisiggy said...

Leslie: We're hoping she's going to be okay -- she had a relapse yesterday, but we got her back on meds quickly enough that it wasn't too horrid.

mrhaney: Oh, they still run up to me -- the kids, I mean -- only with their hands out for cash...