Friday, March 16, 2007


Until further notice, the following words are being taken out of the rotation:

Hot (when used to describe anything other than temperature)

Amazing (especially "just amazing." If it is only "just," how "amazing" can it be?)


Yummy and all its forms such as yummo, yum, or yum-yum (dispensation given to anyone performing in The Mikado.)


Carry on.

Editor's Note: We are fully aware there is an element among our readers that will now post comments including all of the above words used as many times as comprehension will allow. To them we say, "Don't make me come down there with my wooden spoon!"


Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Ship Ahoy! Time for some heavy seightseeing of Stockholm! All man on deck!

Be sure to be there before the gangplank is pulled in or you'll have to swim out to the ship....

Katrina said...

I'm on board with all of these, with the possible exception of "yummy", as there is no other way to adequately describe a DQ Mint Oreo Blizzard or Gerard Butler.

MammaK said...

I agree with Kartina. What's wrong with Yummy, Yummo, or just plain Yum?

Dark Garden said...

Crab-boil... was NOT yummy.

benning said...

When my Mom makes dinner - for my visits! - the first thing that comes to mind as I step through the door and inhale the aromas, is, "oooOOOooh! Yummy!"

Sorry, but that's the word I use. And that's simply awesome! Heheheee!