Thursday, March 01, 2007

Heir guitar

Okay. Now I’m going to be a typical mother. So bear with me.

Some of you may recall (with fondness, of course) this post. I was pretty hard on the Heirs and their friends. So, when they actually pull things together I feel and obligation to write about that too.

The Heirs’ high school each year runs a talent show. I’ve always had the sense this is done rather grudgingly, mostly because their school is so focused on athletics it seems to consume all other goals, including academics. And forget the arts. If they had as many art, music and drama teachers as they had football coaches and aides, they’d be Julliard.

But I digress. At least they’ve continued with the talent show, where all those kids who are adept at all those wonderful forms of expression not covered by the school, finally have their moment.

And so last night featured an interpretive dance, Irish step dance, several vocals (one stand out vocal, in particular: a friend of Heir 2’s who was in a children’s choir I directed awhile back who I’d love to take credit for, but who is talented through the grace of God and a very musically talented mother), a duo, a trio and the Heirs and their friends. (I don’t show anyone’s kids clearly or mention their names online without parental permission, but you can get a sense of what went on.)

I have to admit they were very good.

Of course I knew they’d be very good because I’ve heard their performance over and over and over and over coming from my basement over the last week. In spite of it not being anywhere near the type of music I listen to, there was no denying they sounded good.

The crowd loved them. They performed an encore. They knew they had reason to be proud of themselves. There will be no living with them.

This is Heir 1, who you really couldn’t hear, but who had incredible stage presence.

Heir 2 suddenly gets shy in front of a crowd.

I did wish the crowd could have heard how really well the guys’ lead guitarist could play, but the sound system wasn’t up to it. Fortunately, their drummer, who organized the band, won a well-deserved scholarship as top musician.

So, great job, guys! I’ll stock up on soda for the next round of practices!

Editor's Note: Sisiggy will now return to her regularly scheduled kvetching about aforementioned Heirs and how ungrateful they are for the multitude of sacrifices their mother makes for them, one of which is probably hearing loss.

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