Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Project: Run-away!

All right already.

I watched the freakin’ show – twice – okay? I watched Project Runway as penance for having confused it with America’s Next Top Model and, thereby, offending the handful of people who both read my Spot-on thing and watch the show.

All I can say is: I want my two hours back.

For the record, I love to sew. I love fabric (you should see my fabric stash…), the color, constructing and planning and creating. I love doing all of it. I’d love to see some of the designers’ techniques and construction ideas. At least I’d be learning something.

But once again, we have a contrived situation manipulated to get the most dramatic reactions from the participants. Snore. The words “contrived” and “manipulated” are not what I would consider “reality.”

No matter how many times The Blonde I Assume Is Heidi Klum threatened to get rid of one of them by looking severe and pausing between each word she said (Oh! I get it! She was acting.); no matter how stark the spot lighting; no matter how dangerous the music tried to sound – it is, after all, only clothing. The “losers” are not being marched off to an electric chair. Their careers are not ruined. They fold up the garment and head home.

I know this kind of overkill is common among reality shows but I lost two hours out of my life to this one. I’m a little bitter.

But – I tell myself I’ve wasted time on other things. I have a phenomenal Spider Solitaire score and I can’t tell you how many Virginia Tech football games I’ve sat through.

And another thing: Who came up with the idea to mention Madonna and Cher in the same breath as Hepburn – either one? Giving yourself a one-word name doesn’t make you an icon, fashion or otherwise. It just makes you self-absorbed.


I watched it. But I have important things to do. Now everyone get off my back so I can return to Spider Solitaire in peace.


MammaK said...

Well some of us are hooked, what can I say!!!!! I love it and watch it and rewatch it faithfully. I've even gotten several of my co-workers hooked. Each to his or her own, right?

Jagosaurus said...

You don't like Project Runway? We cannot be friends anymore.


I was completely abosrbed in the first two seasons but haven't watched a second of season 3. I have no idea why. No doubt you would tell me that it is because my brain finally woke up but I think it is just because I tend to get bored with stuff like this after a couple of seasons.

Eeeeeeeexcept for America's Next Top Model, which I with a devotion bordering on madness.

MammaK said...

Hey Jag,
I watch ANTM too, the same way I watch Project Runway. How did Sisigy ever come to have us as friends????

sisiggy said...

Because we are all worshippers of The Zsa Zsa (at least within her earshot). Cults are good at bringing people together. We should get shirts.