Friday, September 15, 2006

boring post with limited capitalization

I’ve simply got to move on from the previous post, but am currently to the point where I stash away column ideas like a greedy miser, in terror of the day I actually run out of things to talk about.

And so, for your viewing enjoyment, I bring you the view from our bird feeders and refer you to the appropriate Spot-on column because what I really need to be doing is going to the bank and grocery shopping because heir 2 has informed me that “There is nothing to eat in the house,” which means we’re out of Cocoa Puffs.

In addition, all of a sudden some of my capital letters don’t work (note the lack of a capital “h” on my son’s name and the fact that I just had to refer to him as “my son.”).

And so I will quit while I’m ahead.


benning said...

Nice pictures, Sisiggy! And don't knock the Cocoa Puffs! I used to love 'em, back in the day (when we lit our caves with mammoth fat lamps!).

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

I'm all green of your garden pics. I ADORE hummingbirds.... We don't have them over here :-(

The only humming comes from myself, while eating ;-)

Katrina said...

In our case, "there's nothing to eat in the house" usually indicates a lack of peanut butter, as we have been known to survive the last week before payday on PBJ alone without complaint from anyone in the family.

Who knew hummingbirds exhibited such unique personalities? I might have to put up a feeder next summer. Right now the only wildlife I get to observe is the occasional rogue spider crawling across the kitchen floor, brazenly disregarding the Indoor/Outdoor Treaty of Human-Spider Relations and forcing me to put shoes on so I can squish it.