Saturday, August 05, 2006

Place Your Bets

Going to a wedding and keeping in mind that she has not been in heels in over three years (not to mention the unfortunate ankle-wacking incident), Sisiggy will last exactly how long in these:

...before she

a) falls over;

b) kicks them off and hopes no one notices;

c) keeps them on and uses severe foot pain as an excuse for issuing orders from the couch the next day;

d) all of the above.


Jagosaurus said...

So? How'd you do?

White Trasherati said...

My bet? They didn't make it out of the house. And you're hoping that since you no longer have the receipt, the place will just give you store credit because what the hell were you thinking when there were several lovely pairs of FLATS all around the displays of Heels of Death anyway?

Jagosaurus said...

Seriously. Plenty of cute flats out there and you choose heels?

Heels of Death. Heh.

ericah64 said...

How did it turn out?

"Heels of Death" reminds me of that old Steve Martin bit about "The Cruel Shoes"....

velmalikevelvet said...

when you want to stride back into the waters of life, check out - especially the 'mini' line w/ their hourglass heel, the energizer bunny of shoes. i have 3 pair & my 42-yearold knees couldn't live without 'em.