Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

I'm usually pretty sedate with the whole jewelry thing (which is pronounced "jew-el-ree," not "jew-ler-ee," by the way. I actually hear "professionally" done commercials pronounce it incorrectly). Since I'm short I have to keep things in proportion anyway, but I don't often go in for kitchsy stuff.

But in Harpers Ferry at the Mountain Heritage Arts and Crafts Festival, Dirtman found these for me.

An early birthday present.

They're from A Glass Act, who also makes, among other things this lovely piece which we bought for the Never-Ending-Construction House.

Perhaps, if I can grab the stuff before it get carted off to storage, I will post the other "gifts" we bought each other this weekend, since Father's Day and my birthday are sharing a date once again this year. (We will also take each other out to dinner on Sunday, if we know what's good for us.)

I held back from wearing the martini glasses to the abysmally long high school sports banquet last night (for which Spicey McDandruff owes us big time).

In other Linguini news, which isn't really our news, but more Mamma K's news, look what magically appeared in her livingroom last Thursday with absolutely no effort on anyone's part!
Mamma K just woke up and there they were, right Mamma K?*

That's Polly and her eight (OMG -- eight!) puppies.

Ms. Zsa Zsa is pea green with envy, what with all the attention she just knows her former nemesis is receiving from Mamma K, though she inisists she's too young to have puppies "like that cheap tart, Polly."

*In actuality, Polly's puppies have been a much-anticipated event, at least around here, and Mamma K was there helping Polly out from puppies one through eight, documenting every move in her little book. The next afternoon we weighed each puppy (which was also recorded in her little book) and the pictures look only slightly like she's making a puppy salad.

We've decided to do a re-shoot tomorrow.

I wish I'd known Mamma K when I whelped my puppies. I'll bet she wouldn't sit in the corner and read the Washington Post, peaking over every now and then to say, "Oh Yeah. Breath."


Jagosaurus said...


Love the earrings.

White Trasherati said...

"And then we basted the puppies with olive oil - from Costco!"....

The earrings rock, as does the nightlight.

And your birthday is pending? Hmmm...good to know...

Lifecruiser said...

Very cool earrings - no longdrinks hah? But the puppies beats them, sorry :-)

Congrats in advance, because we're leaving for Ireland on Friday - if everything goes as planned...

Katrina said...

FABulous earrings, dah-ling! I'm not one for outrageous jewelry, either, but every once in a while it's nice to wear something that people notice!

Congrats on the new pooches! That should keep you in puppy salad for a while. ;P

Leslie Shelor said...

The only thing cuter than puppies is baby bunnies! Adore the earrings; I'm a big jew-el-ree fan!