Monday, April 24, 2006

Tomorrow I will come up with something original.

Thank you, Jag, for this meme.

I AM: easily overwhelmed.

I WANT: my kids to grow up without making phenomenally stupid mistakes. Minor, instructive mistakes, okay. But I pray I spawned beings with a modicum of common sense.

I WISH: I hadn’t wasted my time worrying about things.

I HATE: kale.

I MISS: big get togethers with my family. All the funny people are dead.

I HEAR: selectively.

I WONDER: How people come from somewhere else, build a new structure in a rural area, move in and then, without a bit of apology, complain about “new” people building new structures and moving in.

I REGRET: Not learning Italian when I was a kid when it would have been easier and I could have heard the pronunciation first-hand.

I AM NOT: Martha Stewart.

I DANCE: Pretty well, actually. My parents, who went to Arthur Murray, insisted we all learn at least the fox trot, lindy and waltz.

I SING: Not so good now with asthma. I considered a professional career at one point.

I CRY: when Lassie lifts her (his) paw.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: so tough.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: anything I can. I have this thing about being able to create from the ground up.

I WRITE: only light extemporania (I’m quoting…); However, I’m a literary wannabe.

I CONFUSE: my right and left. Truly, to this day, I have to think about it. This is why I look like an idiot in the conformation ring.

I NEED: a good 8 hours’ sleep per night.

I SHOULD: not be such a wuss.

I START: lots and lots of projects.

I FINISH: very few of them.

I TAG: whoever else besides me needs a topic for today…


jagosaurus said...


Are you, by any chance, left-handed? I ask because we southpaws tend to easily and consistently confuse right and left.

Mamma K said...

So glad to hear that! I am left handed and I have to think about right and left quite a bit. To make matters worse in the herding arena ( as in sheep ) the commands that you give the dog for going left and right are come by ( left ) and away to me ( right ).
Now I want to know who thought that up? I asked my herding instructor and he told me that some old drunken shepherds came up with the commands about 200 years ago. I asked him if they did it with the idea of making it hard for me 200 years later. He just grinned!!!!

sisiggy said...

Jag: I was ambidexdrous, as the story goes. The nuns used to slap my hands whenever I went to use my left, so I ended up using my right primarily.I maintained some lefthand ability because when I broke my wrists and couldn't move the thumb of my right hand, I could still write somewhat legibly with my left.
Mamma K: Is there anything in dogs not requiring dexterity? Like an AKC Sitting event? No, I don't mean the "sit stay" in obedience. I mean where you get to sit stay and the dog leaves the room? I could do that!

Mamma K said...

Sisiggy, I don't think AKC has invented the Sitting event. When they do I'll let you know. :-)) But seriously you and Zsa Zsa will do fine in Rally and regular Obedience.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Ah, really nice list here. For a moment I almost took on the challenge of writing one myself, but nah, I turned to my favorite subject instead: FOOD!

BTW: I'm very hungry right now and am off to a kitchen raid which will last for for quite a while and decrease the amount of food substantially to a point where we actually have to drive to the store tomorrow and refill the stock....

*hear the hungry monster roar*