Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Ring and I

I don’t have many pieces of really good jewelry. I have my share of nice stuff, the obligatory gold ring earrings and a birthstone ring that hasn’t fit in a very long time. And I inherited my mother’s good jewelry. My wedding ring fell off my finger years ago and other things always were more pressing than replacing it. I knew I was married.

Dirtman has never made jewelry purchases a priority, mostly because I’ve made it rather difficult to do so. First of all, we go to very few places where I felt the need to hang a bunch of metal from various appendages. My mother used to say the overuse of jewelry (and pronouncing it “jew-ler-ree”) gave you away as someone who more interested in quantity rather than quality. And then there’s my thing against diamonds, which I never wear. Nor will I wear diamond wanna-bes such as cubic zirconia, glass or clear crystal. Read about it here and here and then we’ll move on with the point of all this.

So Dirtman’s choices are very limited in the jewelry category and subtle hints regarding what I do like merely served to confuse him.

My favorite stone is jade. My birthstone is pearl. How hard can this be?

So, what to do, what to do?

Ah hah!

Dirtman’s mom and I were combing through a local antique emporium when, voila, there it was: a ring with jade surrounded by pearls.

“If he ever asks,” I said wistfully, “direct Chuck to this ring for a gift.”

And so….

Valentine's Day, the day I had pretty much given up on Dirtman remembering. Our usual form of celebration consists of us sticking to our usual schedule, except he waits until he has to pay for something, then turns to me and says, "By the way, this is your Valentines Day present." Sometimes it is actually appropriate, like we're eating dinner somewhere other than McDonalds that night or I happen to need to buy underwear. Sometimes it really bites like when we have to go to the hardware store or the vet. One year it was Salt's flea dip.

So imagine my surprise when my Valentines Day gift turned out to be perfect. It only took me 20 years, but now I know how it's done. I tell his mother.

Needless to say, I'm just tickled and haven't taken the ring off since I got it. So we do everything together, the ring and I:

First we cleaned Salt's eyes of optigoops;

Then we drove Heir 2 to his orthodontist appointment;

Did some laundry (neither the Ring nor I appreciate Heir 2's sock);

Choppa the garlic to maka da sauce;

Opened our surprise from the post office and admired our new candy tin (thanks, Leslie. We -- er -- I love it!);

Cleaned the bathroom;

Tried to get Topper to finally stay; and

considered an all new profile shot featuring some of our favoite things.

The irony is, while I always get Dirtman and the Heirs Valentines Day gifts, this year what I ordered did not come in time. So it was all about moi.

Editor's Note: Yes, we know. She did it again. Started out fine, but then all those ridiculous pictures. But we understand the weather has kept Dirtman home and on the computer. And the last two days have been the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. We expect Sisiggy to return to her usual wordy self in the days ahead. Providing she doesn't look like that last picture too early in the day...


Spicy McHaggis said...

No. 1: The bathroom smells of Clorox yet again! Not good!

No. 2: The 'driving heir 2 to the orthodontist' picture looks like you're flipping us off, you should be ashamed.

and No. 3: My feet don't appreciate the my sock either, it's going through a depression now because no one appreciates it.

Dark Garden said...

No. 1: See? Even if she doesn't WRITE enough of her own stuff to keep us busy for 7.3 hours, we now have to read the attached links!!!

No.2: That stupid winning dog had the craziest big-ole-egg-lookin' head I ever saw! He's ugly! Yeah yeah... "(speaking in snooty tone) You fool. That's why he won. Perrrfect breeeeding, you see."
He's ugly!
Agree it could have been worse... One of those gawd-awful poodle things could have won!

No. 3: You do look like you're flipping the heir's off.

Jagosaurus said...

Nice story, nice ring, flipping off one of the heirs? Eh, it won't kill them.

Or will it?

zib said...

Heirs should be flipped off regularly.

Yep. If they don't like it, you go right ahead and blow their inheritance on something Just For You. Even better if it includes drinks that are on fire or require little unbrellas in them.

[Dear Editor, we dig the photos. We won't burn down any embassies over them, yet. ]

ps. fab ring!

sisiggy said...

Spicy McDoogal:
No. 1: Then, AIM!
No. 3: We need to find you a friend to talk to other than your sock.
No. 1: You don't have to click. Oh, wait. You do.
No. 2: I was hoping the bull terrier would win. What a cop out, picking the Golden in Sporting. And no one really herds with Old English anymore. (Besides, the Aussie was ten times prettier.) This is the second time I've seen that pug shy, so it wasn't just incidental like they said last time. And (sigh) a Rottie? Give me a break...
Jag, Spicy McMurphy and DG: It's just what they need.
Jag: Don't tempt me...
Zib: Then what would I call them in the blog? How about Homeless 1 and Homeless 2? BWAAAAHAAHAA! (raises her mai tai in salute)

Dark Garden said...

...and thank you for NOT making fun of my hatily written post by saying, "I did not know one of the heirs had an 'off' that I could flip."

Dark Garden said...


Oh my. I can't seem to stop this!

Dark Garden said...

I'm leaving now. I was about to start going back through all my coments to correct mistakes.

I am forcing myself out the door.

I am leaving now...

Dark Garden said...




Hick said...

I love those pictures...and the ring is lovely.

This was a wonderful post.

Leslie Shelor said...

Proves moms are really a good thing and some mothers-in-law are excellent! Lovely ring and wonderful that it's perfect for you! Glad you like the tin!