Monday, February 20, 2006

...And you thought I was just a boring, middle-aged woman...HAH!

This link from Mrs. Lifecruiser is kind of neat: Googlism

I typed in my name and it came up with a whole list, but this is just a rather poetic portion. The only thing I edited was my real name:

sisiggy is clairvoyant
sisiggy is wide awake
sisiggy is a small slightly built young woman possessing the almost physical perfection that is typical of the selkie people
sisiggy is now a little closer to home than she was for the past five years

That's "physical perfection," "young woman," People. Hear that? It's all of you who are too skinny, too young and way too tall.

Me and the Selkies got it goin' on!


Dark Garden said...
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Leslie Shelor said...

Most of my list couldn't be repeated in polite company. People with my name are apparently up to lots that I'm not.

White Trasherati said...

Look at your fine, bad self!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Googlism for my name wasn't at all as good as for your name, there was only a few interesting ones:

Mrs Lifecruiser is now 26 (Yeah, that's sounds much better than 46!)

Mrs Lifecruiser is a full time ph (could come in handy with my own crazy mind!)

Mrs Lifecruiser is coming back on the last weekend of august (doesn't sound bad at all...I just wonder from where?)

BUT for my man, pheew:

Mr Lifecruiser is hot
(I know, why do you think I married him??! I use him as a radiator)

Mr Lifecruiser is unlike any workout program you've ever tried before
(No wonder he make me sweat!)

Mr Lifecruiser is a member of the society of singers
(in the bathroom)

Mr Lifecruiser is one of the oldest martial weapons
(Who am I married to??? *shiver*)

Mr Lifecruiser is a police narcotics dog
(I swear, I didn't make this one up!)

Mr Lifecruiser is a listening device
(poor man, listening to me all the time)