Wednesday, January 25, 2006

On the road again

The extended Linguini family is once again hitting the road under the auspices of going skiing. I must admit, we’re getting better at this.

For instance: this time I have a confirmation letter. I have at confirmation letter in my purse. And tomorrow morning I will call ahead and make sure the condos are there and available.

See? See?




I have printed out directions to a decent Italian restaurant in the area. No wandering into some anonymous hole in the wall and being subjected to the bad temper of some cranky waitress. No siree.


Now there were indications that the trip may not go a smoothly as planned. But we’ve dealt with it and now everything will just flow. Flow, I tell you.

I am, of course, ignoring the fact that this resort claims to have an “Alpine village.”

In Pennsylvania.

“Alpine” suggests to me something more along the lines of, well, the Alps. While there are some pretty high elevations in Pennsylvania, high if you live in Virginia anyway, there is nothing approaching the Alps.

Okay, okay. The word is “alp-ine,” a suffix meaning “of the.” So the village is like something you would find in the Alps. Which means
yodeling and Lederhosen. Perhaps an Oompah Band? We don’t need
skiing at all! We will yodel in our Lederhosen to the Oompah Band!

We will be Alpine!

And this time there will be nine of us. Heir I’s friend will be coming along. I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear about the Lederhosen and Oompah Band!


Hick said...

Snort! You are funny.

I always thought it was All-pine...meaning...all pine trees...heh!

I looked up PA elevation and the highest elevation is 3200 ft. I didn't realize that PA had mtns that high. You should have fun...oompah band or not.

Come to Tahoe's Heavenly Valley where you can ski at the 10,000 ft. level (Heavenly's base is 6500 feet above sea level) which is a most amazing experience. Yee haw!

And no, I don't work for the California Chamber of Commerce.

mrhaney said...

this all sounds good to me. tell us all about it when you return. we are counting on you to fill us in. don't forget.

Dark Garden said...

I can tell you all this much; The Italian Retaurant:
* They knew of our coming.
* We did NOT exactly find it right away.
* The meal DID carry on our tradition, because...
* They will NEVER FORGET us!

The chair now yields to Sisiggy's post on the matter. (I just got home first!)