Wednesday, December 21, 2005


The Linguini household is also the site of our soils business. Since we went into business three years ago, Dirtman tries to get together with the people he works with, our subcontractors, at some time during the holiday season. This usually takes place out of the Shenandoah Valley where he does most of his work and where everyone else lives. The office staff, however, is forced to miss out on these festivities since the office is here. So the office staff holds its own Christmas party.

This year our receptionist was in charge of

the buffet,

which was enjoyed by most of the staff.

The punch was a little suspect, though...

Our CFO was in charge of decorations, while members of the office staff were supposed to

handle plans for entertainment. Unfortunately, they got a bit side-tracked. The result of which was that some attendees were rather bored.

The gift exchange was enjoyed by just about everyone, with one exception.

Attempts to take a picture of the entire staff didn't go quite as planned. Most of the staff had to go out... literally. And others...

just can't hold their liquor.


happyandblue2 said...

LOL. Parties with people are really much the same.
Cute dogs..

Spicy McHaggis said...

Ah, come on man! I EAT on that table!

Dark Garden said...

Ah, come on man! I'm SUPPOSED to eat on that table!