Monday, December 05, 2005

Linguini nature photography

"Oh look, Harold! In the tree! A cardinal! They're so pretty this time of year, their bright red feathers against the dismal landscape! Get the binoculars!"

"A cardinal, Blanche? Here. Maybe we should get a picture."

"Why, Harold, that's no cardinal. It's a visitor from 'da hood! Oh, go get the camera! It's so rare to see them during migration! Quiet...maybe we'll hear him sing a rap song for us!"

"Here little Home Boy! Don't be afraid little Home Boy! Quick Harold take the picture!"

"I think he's onto us, Blanche."

"Oh, he's going away, Harold. Oh, we missed it. Come back to your crib little homey! Oh Harold, why didn't you snap the picture while we had the chance..."


happyandblue2 said...

That homeboy sure can climb..

Your son, (heir 2) (say my name sissy) said...

I wasn't gangstering! I was hiding my face from dad going scizo with the camera!

Dark Garden said...

(sniff...snort.... snorckleufllooop!) Hey man!... Like... dude!... (snorty snort snort)....
You got any CRACK?!!! (scratch, dig.. snort...)